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“Where there is a will, there is a way”

English proverb

What Empowerment Hub offers

Empowerment Hub works from the conviction that talent resides in all people and groups open to change, innovation and cooperation. The most effective and successful organisations are those that incorporate promotion processes for all employees, developing strategies for equal opportunities and respect for diversity.

Our values are:

  • Transformation
  • Development
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Equality

Leadership: New leadership models

The 21st. century organisations need new leadership models to develop and successfully meet their objectives. Classic, self-oriented, hierarchical and rigid style leadership is now obsolete and should be replaced by more flexible, horizontal, egalitarian and cooperative models.

EH offers advice and training in management skills that respond to transformational leadership: empathy, insight, inspiration, interaction, individualised consideration, intellectual stimulation and efficient and creative team work.

EH challenges professional women and men to explore new models of shared leadership or co-leadership and also the implementation of ethical leadership. The benefits in their organisations will be immediate and objectively demonstrable (1), as it has happened in the pioneer corporations who dared to try.


(1) Berbel, 2013; Cuadrado, 2006

Time Management: Effective and sustainable organisation

The schedules that organise our lives have proved to be unproductive compared to work time organisation in the most powerful European countries.

The organisations that have identified the problem, implemented measures to improve a more flexible timetable and reconciled a better work-life balance for all the staff, have made significant benefits (1):

  • · Increased corporate group cohesion and loyalty
  • · Improved the working environment
  • · Decreased psychosocial risks, such as stress
  • · Lowered absenteeism
  • · Increased productivity

EH offers Work Life Balance assessment and training:

  1. The implementation of measures to reconcile work and family life for workers/staff and management
  2. Design more effective and sustainable time management systems
  3. Support the piloting of new ways of working


(1)  IESE, 2009; Direcció General d’Igualtat d’Oportunitats en el Treball, 2008, 2009, 2010

Equality: Gender and diversity


Equal opportunities for women and men is a great challenge in our society. Women continue to find it difficult to advance their careers and are largely absent from decision-making positions.

Equality policies have shown many benefits (1):

  • · Improving organisational productivity
  • · Loyalty of staff (so called “emotional salary”)
  • · Enrichment of internal and external processes of the organisation
  • · Improving the balance between personal and professional life for all staff

EH offers assessment and training:

  1. Measures to break the ‘glass ceiling’ and promote women’s access to positions of responsibility
  2. Implementation of equality plans
  3. Education and training in transformational leadership skills for women managers
  4. Personal and collective empowerment


A policy of equality in an organisation always implies respect for diversity: it is the product of intergenerational differences, ethnic origin or disability.

EH implements diversity plans and advises on specific measures to achieve truly egalitarian and diverse organisations.


(1) Cambra de Comerç 2008; Catalyst 2008; McKinsey 2009; Credit Suisse 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Implementation of social responsibility

CSR should be at the center of the core values of the organisation, including the fundamental principles that guide its objectives, and applied as mainstream in all the actions carried out.

The responsible third generation organisations has not only met legal regulations and improved their human resources processes, but are now involved in the demands of the particular setting they work in. There is now a greater interest to respond to their social and physical environment, thus advancing the creation of Socially Responsible Territories. This is the authentic CSR.

Some organisations are involved in equal opportunities, others on the improvement of the environment or the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion. There are hundreds of ways to participate responsibly in the community. Good practice in CSR results in:

  • · Increases staff satisfaction (so called “emotional salary”)
  • · Enhances organisation reputation
  • · Generates greater loyalty from customers and consumers

EH drives external and internal CSR processes and advice in the design and implementation of plans to achieve success in their development.


Sara Berbel

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Management of the EH Project

Sara Berbel Sánchez  is the founder of Empowerment Hub.

PhD in Social Psychology in the University of Barcelona and postgraduate university Professor.

Invited by the Department of State of the United States as Spanish expert on leadership and gender in 2012.

Aspasia Award in defense of gender equity in 2014, awarded by the Female Managers and Professional Network of Social Action (DDiPAS) and the Observatorio del Tercer Sector (Third-Sector Observatory).

Former General Director of Equal Opportunities in the Labor Department of the Catalan Government

Former President of the Catalan Institution for Women’s Affairs

Former Director of Equality Policies and Social Economy in relation to the social economy in Barcelona City Council

Some of her her publications are:

Link to Sara Berbel personal website:

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