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Raising awareness is often the prior and necessary phase to training and implementation of projects of change.

EH offers a series of lectures and impact sessions that address to various audiences and explore different materials with the aim of raising awareness about the empowerment and organizational and social transformation.

  • Social Economy, Employment and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Lectures and papers related to entrepreneurship and cooperation, a new work culture, social economy, corporate social responsibility, equality and diversity in organizations, women and employment, gender pay gap, employment equity, sexual harassment and morale at work and income of citizenship.
  • Leadership and Empowerment
    Lectures and papers related to the need for new types of leadership such as transformational, shared, collaborative and ethical leadership, introducing gender mainstreaming in the organizations, the relation of women with power, the role of female managers in times of crisis, the status of female managers and entrepreneurs in our country, as well as the creation and promotion of women’s networks.
  • Time Policy and the conciliation of personal and work life
    Lectures and papers in relation to new work timetables that increase the “emotional salary” of employees, reduce absenteeism, reduce psychosocial risks and increase the reputation of organizations and, above all, their effectiveness and productivity.
  • Equal opportunities
    Lectures and papers in relation to psychosocial aspects of motherhood, models of female sexual identity, including conciliation work and family life, women in rural areas, gender inequality in academia, the feminization of poverty, as the historical tour on feminism and women’s movements.
  • Gender based violence (GBV)
    Lectures and papers related to the eradication of violence against women and sexual harassment in organizations
  • Community and political participation
    New instruments to promote community participation, instruments to encourage women’s participation and classical participation structures such as Councils of Women.

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