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* It is possible to offer advice online via SKYPE

Personal, professional and social counseling

EH advises on all processes required to achieve professional empowerment either on a personal or collective basis.

  • Personal assessment on career reorientation, access to decision-making positions, new leadership skills, strategies to break the glass ceiling and women networking.
  • Assessment to governing boards on improving organizational processes, implementation of measures of equality, diversity and new working-time planning.
  • Assessment to groups, associations and social movements wishing to implement psychosocial and community intervention projects, design and implementation of mentoring programs or developing group techniques (Training Group).

Planning and reorientation

One to one training sessions to design future professional career plan, including innovative techniques based on Social Psychology, Mentoring and Empowerment.


Advice on design mentoring programs as well as guide on the personal journey of finding your own mentor, since this is the essential key requirement to progress in your own career path.

Strategies to go beyond the glass ceiling

Analysis of personal impediments and social barriers that make it difficult to progress in your career. Training in behavioral and psychosocial techniques aimed to address and overcome these obstacles.

Networking of empowerment

Personal or group counseling to establish or expand networks for collective empowerment.

Advice on feminism and ciberfeminism.

Instruments to address labor disputes

Advice on resolving labor and professional problems using strategies of Social Psychology and Integrated Conflict Management.

Implementation of community projects

Advice on the diagnosis, design and implementation of community action plans for specific groups, labor integration, social economy and people at risk of social exclusion.

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